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3 Things you shouldn’t do when you’re locked out of your car

Don’t try to open it yourself

As locksmiths we often experience times when customers try to open the car on their own and usually one these scenarios happen:

  1. The window cracks.
  2. Customer accidentally scratches the car.
  3. Disabling the mechanism.
  4. Creates an irreversible damage.

Don’t ask a stranger for help

Strangers are not locksmiths or certified mechanics, they have good intentions of helping you out but usually the execution is very poor and the results are the same as if you tried to open it yourself.

Don’t break the window

We definitely recommend not breaking the window, unless there is life in danger. You can get hurt by a broken glass and you will have to replace the window which is going to cost you more that waiting 15 minutes for us to unlock your car. we are experienced professional locksmith and we can get you back on your feet in no time.

We make car keys to these brands


Acura    Audi   Buick   Cadillac   Chevrolet   Chevy   Chrysler

Daihatsu   Dodge   Fiat   Ford   Freightliner   GM   GMC   Honda   Hummer   Hyundai

Infinity   Isuzu   Jaguar   Jeep   Kia   Lexus   Mazda   Mercury   Mitsubishi   Nissan

Oldsmobile   Plymouth   Pontiac   Scion   Subaru   Suzuki   Toyota   Volvo   VW


We make car keys to these brands

Acura   Audi   Buick   Cadillac   Chevrolet   Chevy   Chrysler   Daihatsu   Dodge   Fiat   Ford   Freightliner   GM   GMC   Honda   Hummer   Hyundai   Infinity   Isuzu   Jaguar   Jeep   Kia   Lexus   Mazda   Mercury   Mitsubishi   Nissan   Oldsmobile   Plymouth   Pontiac   Scion   Subaru   Suzuki   Toyota   Volvo   VW


See what our customers think of us

There is a reason Magic Key has such great ratings. I lost my keys and had no spares and he came tonight within the hour, after hours, and replaced and coded new transponder keys so I can get to work on time tomorrow. Ron was friendly, fast and was my life saver tonight! Thank you, Magic Key!
Carley Grimes

Great experience. After calling several locksmiths in area felt best about this one over phone. He showed up to the appt on time and was very friendly and competent. Obviously knows his trade well. Was the best price I could find and the final cost was exactly what he quoted over phone originally. Don’t think you can go wrong.
Tjandjt Pickett

Wow! This is what customer service should be like! Polite, professional, and very reasonably priced. In 25 minutes made two keys for my Jeep at half the price of one from the dealership.I could not ask for a better experience. Highly Recommend!

Gene Robinson

Lost your car keys? 3 reasons why you should call a locksmith


Most people don’t know it but locksmiths can make you a brand new key cheaper than the dealership and sometimes even at half the price. Locksmiths can create a new key for almost all make and model.

Hassle free


How wonderful it is to deal with only one person, not worrying about towing your car and you can take care of it 24/7.




Towing takes time, waiting in line for the dealership takes time, driving to the dealership takes time, If you need it after the dealership closes you will have to wait for the next day. On the other hand most of our customers get their new car key replacement ready in an hour from the moment they called.

Not urgent?

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