Do you need to hire a locksmith in Colorado Springs?

Whether you’re looking for 24/7 lockout services, automotive locksmith support, or commercial locksmith services, there is much to know before hiring an expert.

Let’s look at what a locksmith does, what surprising services they offer, and how to hire the right expert for your locking needs.


What Is A Locksmith?


A locksmith works with various locks for countless other types of doors, from uPVC and wooden doors to vehicles and even padlocks. They are well-versed in fixing lock issues.

Whether you are looking to hire a mobile locksmith or a pro to unlock the front door of your home, you’ll need a locksmith to do it correctly. These experts are able to fit new locks and open locks without a key.

Some locksmiths use age-old techniques to open locks while others use technology and equipment to accomplish the same goal. If you find yourself locked out of your house, have lost your keys, or need a new duplicate key, locksmiths can help with that, too.

These experts either work from a shop or offer mobile services.

How Much Does A Local Locksmith Cost?


The cost of locksmiths varies, but the average locksmith visits costs between $100 to $200, according to However, services can cost up to $500.

Costs associated with locksmithing vary depending on whether you need to rekey your house, replace the locks, or need to get back into your vehicle after locking yourself out.

Do Locksmiths Only Pick Locks?


If you’re unlucky enough to lock yourself out of your home or car, you’ll know immediately that you’ll need a locksmith in Colorado Springs.

But do locksmiths only pick locks, or can they do more for you?

Let’s take a look at the various commercial, residential, and mobile locksmith services you can hire an expert for.

Commercial Locksmith Services


We offer commercial locksmith services to keep your business secure at Magic Key Locksmiths. Some of our commercial locksmithing services include installing high-security locks to add an extra layer of security for your company, rekeying filing cabinets to secure sensitive information, replacing cylinders after an employee has left the company, and much more.

When completed by professionals, these commercial locksmith services are performed quickly and efficiently so your business can proceed uninterrupted.

Other services include 24/7 lockout emergency services. Interior, exterior, and file cabinet locksmith services are all included in commercial locksmithing.

Residential Locksmith Services


If you’re a homeowner in Colorado Springs and have issues with your locks, you’ll need to hire a residential locksmith service. Lockout services, rekeying lock cylinders, installing high-security locks, and installing new doors and windows all fall within the scope of residential locksmithing. To properly secure your home, you’ll need to hire professional locksmiths.

However, sometimes there is an emergency, and you’re locked out of your home. You can’t sleep on your front porch, so you’ll need an expert who offers 24/7 lockout support. A residential locksmith should also provide quick and efficient customer service. Otherwise, you could wait for hours to get back inside your home. Ultimately, you want inside your home without damaging your lock or door, and a pro should get that done for you.

It’s also good security practice to regularly change locks on your home or apartment because it ensures that the previous tenant won’t be able to access your home. If you’re genuinely committed to your security, you can also consider installing new doors or window locks.

Other residential locking services include:

  • Door installation
  • Window locks
  • Rekeying lock cylinders
  • Changed locks
  • High-security locks
  • 24/7 emergency service

Homeowners deserve peace of mind, but that can only come with a secure home. Magic Key Locksmiths work tirelessly and offer high-security locks that are nearly impossible to pick.

Automotive Locksmithing Services


Another commonly used locksmith service is automotive locksmithing. If you find yourself stuck outside of your vehicle and require affordable, fast, and efficient solutions, you’ll need an expert in mobile locksmith services.

Automotive locksmith services include:

  • Car lockout
  • Ignition lock problems
  • Key FOB replacement
  • Key extraction
  • Duplicate key service
  • New keys
  • 24 lockout service

The worst feeling is the terror that goes through your mind when you’re locked out of your vehicle. Waiting for a professional lock and key service to arrive is nerve-racking, too. That’s why it’s critical that you hire an expert mobile locksmith.

Reliability and experience are two critical factors to consider when hiring an auto locksmith in Colorado Springs or anywhere else you need a locksmith. You want someone who can get you back into your vehicle safely and quickly. A little later, we’ll look at the best way to hire a locksmith who meets those standards.

Emergency Locksmith Service


Another service offered by professional locksmiths is emergency service. A licensed professional who provides support for your locks and keys quickly is critical. Emergency services should include fast response times and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it doesn’t cover that amount of time, it isn’t true emergency service.

Reasons Why You Need a Lock and Key Service


When disaster strikes, looking for a lock and key service near me on Google makes sense. But beyond locking yourself out of your vehicle, there are a few scenarios where a locksmith is needed. Check out some of them below.

Key Breaks


When a key breaks off in your door handle or ignition, you’ll need a professional locksmith to remove it. To get back inside your home or car, the key has to be removed and the lock has to be fixed. Experienced locksmiths can do this easily. If your lock is damaged, they can also replace it on the spot.

Keys Stolen


If you’ve lost your keys or had them stolen, you must hire a locksmith to replace them quickly. The property and safety of your home are at stake.



Moving into a new home is a stressful process, which is why many people overlook their locks. However, if you’ve just moved into a new place, you don’t know how many people have copies of your keys. Even if you’ve had a home built, there are likely multiple people like the builder, plumber, electricians, drywall contractors, and even flooring experts, all with keys to your front door. As professional locksmiths, we highly recommend replacing your locks when you move into a new home.

Single-Key Access Upgrades


Some commercial and residential properties have multiple locks for multiple doors. Installing single-key access eliminates having to carry around multiple keys for multiple entryways. A professional locksmith can help with that.

Improving Home Security


There are so many tech options to improve your home security nowadays. Hiring a professional locksmith helps you tap into new security options you may be unaware of.

What Should You Do Before Calling A Locksmith in Colorado?


Are you locked out of your home or car? You can do a few things to try to get into your home before you call a locksmith.

Spare Key


Check out if anyone you know has a spare key to your home. Maybe you gave a key to your sister and forgot about it. This is the best first step before you call a locksmith.

Check Windows


If you’re locked out of your home, and don’t want to spend money on a locksmith, try to see if the windows were left unlocked. Double-check all access ways into your home before you call a locksmith to save money and time.

Use A Credit Card


Did you know you can use a credit card to pick a lock? Check your pockets for any sort of credit card or laminated card that you don’t mind damaging. A card without a barcode is best.

To use a credit card, start by…

-Finding the latch.

-Place the card between the door and doorframe

-Slide the card at an angle down the doorframe

-Push your body weight against the door, move the card as you hit the latch, and bend it away from the lock. This could potentially release the lock.


If none of these tips help unlock your door, it’s time to hire a locksmith.

How Long Does It Take For a Professional Locksmith to Pick A Lock?


Now that you’re left with only one option, to hire a professional locksmith to pick your lock, you may be wondering how long lock and key services take to complete.

Most qualified locksmiths can unlock your lock in a few minutes to an hour. However, damaged locks can be impossible to pick. Additionally, certain types of locks can be difficult to unlock too. For example, multiple locks on the same door can take extra time to unlock.

Another issue is if the lock has been installed incorrectly, and that could also jam up the process preventing you from getting indoors quickly.

Also, newer locks are designed to be anti-picking and anti-bumping, making them even harder to pick without causing damage.

These and other factors determine the time it takes to unlock your door.

How To Save Money On Locksmith Services


There are ways to save money on locksmith services. For example, you can keep and maintain spare copies of your keys—especially if your existing keys are beginning to break down. Keep your copies in a safe, easy to access spot.

Another option is to look for cheaper locks with higher security. An expert locksmith should be able to point you in the right direction for that.

You can also try to figure out the issue preventing you from getting inside your home or car before you call a locksmith. This helps isolate the issue and ensures the professional shows up with the right equipment.

Wait until normal business hours to prevent higher 24/7 lockout service charges. Sometimes those fees can double your bill.

Another cheaper option is to have your home or car rekeyed instead of trying to pick the lock. Your locksmith can even make copies of your new keys on-site, saving you money on hardware supplies.

Some local locksmith services even offer discounts for seniors, students, and active military, so be sure to ask if those discounts apply.

These are a few ways to save money on locksmith services, but the best way is to hire the right professional off the top. But, how do you know you’re hiring the right professional for the job?

How To Hire A Locksmith in Colorado Springs


Before you do anything, make sure the locksmith you’re hiring is vetted, trusted, and qualified to tackle your locks. They’re working on your home or vehicle, you need to know you can trust their work. One way to locate the right locksmith is to check out local directories.

Look for the Associated Locksmiths of America icon on their website to ensure they are the best person to hire. You’ll also want to read company reviews and check their social media pages. Do your research!

Get multiple quotes from various locksmiths, too! And ask to see proof of their insurance, licenses, and referrals, if applicable.

Professional Locksmith Services in Colorado Springs


Do you need help unlocking, rekeying, or installing higher security locks on your home? We can help!

Magic Key Locksmiths in Colorado Springs is ready to help you with your automotive and home locking needs. From 24/7 emergency service to commercial business locksmith services, we do it all and more.

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