Each year, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occur. Home break-ins are not only common, but they impact household members. During 1 million of those 3.7 home burglaries, at least one household member was present and impacted by violent crimes.


If this doesn’t sound like a situation you want to face, there are some ways you can arm yourself against home invasion. Here’s how a mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs can help arm you against a break-in.


Top 7 Tips to Prevent Home Invasion


If you’re interested in preventing burglary, here are some tips that’ll help you think critically about how secure your home is.


  1. Install two locks on your front door


Two locks make it twice as hard to gain entry to your home. One lock can be something that burglars look for when they’re pursuing a house. And once you have two locks installed, make sure you use them!


Hire a Colorado Springs locksmith to redo your current lock or add a second one to ensure you’re not a target.


  1. Think twice about displaying signs of a pet


Homeowners have long displayed “Beware of Dog” signs or shown explicit displays of their pets. However, this can have questionable effects on the safety of their homes.


Burglars know that homes with pets are less likely to be secured by an alarm system if there is a pet roaming about. Additionally, if they know a pet is on the property, they’re more likely to look for a dog door or cat flap, which may allow them entry to the house.


  1. Invest in curtains and window locks


These are small additions to your home that aid security. By installing curtains, you prevent people from gazing in and seeing everything you have in your living room, dining room, kids’ playroom, etc. Better yet, when you add window locks, you make it that much harder for burglars to gain access to your home even if they are still tempted.


  1. Keep mops and brooms out of sight


Burglars will sometimes prop a mop or broom against the front door once they’ve gained entry. This way, if you arrive home while they’re still present, they’ll be able to hear you enter. This allows them to escape without issue. If you keep the mops and brooms out of sight, then you reduce their ability to use this little trick.


  1. Document your home


Snap pictures of your house in its normal state, so you can log all the important items. If you ever experience a break-in, you’ll be able to use this information to work with your insurance company. You’ll be able to report what is missing and work to get it back or replace it.


  1. Don’t rely on a guard dog


When considering ways to protect their home, homeowners often think of their dogs. If a burglar were to break in, surely their dog would act as a dog. Yet, many would be surprised to learn that their dogs wouldn’t attack in defense of the house as they may think. Get a dog for protection, but don’t have your furry friend be the only line of defense.


  1. Know when to change your locks


Many people don’t know when to change their locks, and the lack of this knowledge can lead to dangerous situations. In general, it’s recommended that you change your locks at least every 7 years. However, you should also change your locks in the following situations:


  • You’ve moved into a new home
  • Your house has been broken into
  • You’ve completed a renovation
  • You want to change the style of your locks
  • Your locks are poor quality
  • Your locks are old or worn out
  • You’ve ended a rental or roommate agreement
  • You’ve gone through a breakup or divorce
  • Your lifestyle changes due to a disability or mobility issue


Proactive Prevention of a Break-in — Hire a Locksmith in Colorado Springs


Break-ins can happen in any neighborhood — the best thing you can do is be prepared and proactive. If you’re seeking to enhance the safety of your home, hire a professional mobile locksmith to swap out your locks in Colorado Springs!


If you’ve been through any of the situations named above, Magic Key Locksmiths is the go-to option for residential lock changes. Between our terrific customer reviews, quick installation, and reliable service history, we’re here to help.