You’ve got questions about Colorado Springs locksmiths, and we’ve got answers!


A mobile locksmith is someone with training and knowledge about picking locks and replacing keys with the safety of your property in mind.


But what other services can they provide? What else should you know before you hire a car keys locksmith service?


In this post, we’ll explore the following:


What mobile auto locksmiths do, the type of properties they can help work on, the training required to operate legally, their expertise with key FOBs, and what you should know about your renters and car insurance coverage.


Let’s dive right in by learning what locksmiths do.


What Do Mobile Locksmiths Do?


Mobile locksmith services are offered by professionals trained to work with locks and keys. They can provide duplicate keys, replace your locks, and enter any door without breaking or damaging it.


Mobile locksmiths offer:


• Residential Locksmith Services: Opening your front door when locked out, replacing locks, creating duplicate keys, and more fall under residential locksmithing services.

• Commercial Locksmith Services: Business lockouts require emergency locksmith services, along with lock replacements and key duplication.

• Automotive Locksmith Services: The right mobile locksmith can help with car lockouts, key replacements, and key duplication services.

• 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Service

• Lock Changing


How Much Training Do Colorado Springs Locksmiths Receive?


Colorado Springs locksmiths must be 18 years or older, have a clean criminal record, have the mechanical and mathematical ability, know locking components, and have appropriate locksmith tools to repair and open locks to make new keys. They must also have a State-issued business license or a license issued by City Hall to open a locksmith service. It’s also recommended they have professional certifications. Joining a trade school to understand locks’ inner and outer workings is necessary for professional locksmiths in Colorado Springs. The best locksmiths also work as apprentices to get hands-on work experience.


While it’s not required, it is recommended that locksmiths receive some certifications to prove their skills. Being a part of a reputable trade association also puts customers at ease, which is why most locksmiths do so.


Ongoing training is also required to provide top-tier service for clients moving forward, especially for locksmiths who work on automotive vehicles.


Can A Locksmith Program A Key FOB?


Yes! Locksmiths can replace key fobs and car keys, including key FOB programming. For any keys you need

, you can trust a mobile locksmith to program them for you.


Even if you don’t have an original key for your car, including your key FOB, a mobile locksmith can replace it. A cheap mobile locksmith can also be more cost-effective than going to a car dealer. Be sure to gather the appropriate information before you call an expert to program your key FOB.


Most of what a locksmith needs they’ll have, but in some cases, they may need a skim code, so be prepared and have that on hand if your vehicle’s FOB requires it.


As a mobile auto locksmith near me in Colorado Springs, we can help with all your key FOB needs.


How Much Does A Mobile Locksmith Cost?


A mobile locksmith visit costs anywhere from $100 to $200. However, depending on your needs, it could be as much as $500.


Whether you need to rekey your home, replace locks, or wonder how much locksmiths generally cost, a good rule of thumb is to expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200.


However, the investment is worth it, especially if you’re moving into a new home and want to replace the locks. Mobile locksmith services are a great choice, especially if you want fast and affordable service.


Can A Locksmith Open A House Door?


Have you found yourself locked out of your home? Lucky for you, a mobile locksmith can help with that, too! You ultimately want to unlock and open the door to your home without significant damage. Still, you must hire the right professional to ensure that’s possible.


If you find yourself locked out of your home or apartment, a locksmith can help. Make sure you hire a master locksmith with experience and certification to open your door. Safety should be your top concern.


Does Insurance Cover Mobile Locksmith Services?


Do you have roadside assistance coverage with your insurance policy? If so, then your insurer may be able to send a locksmith to your vehicle to get you back on the road.


It’s possible you’ll have to pay to get a new key.


Depending on your situation, a locksmith might also be able to make a copy of your key. Give your insurer a call before you reach out to a locksmith to see if they cover mobile locksmith services.


Does Renters Insurance Cover Locksmith Services?


For renters, the prospect of getting locked out of your apartment or rental home is frightening! Sure, you could call your landlord, but being charged extra to get back inside isn’t something any renter wants to do.


So, the question is, if you have renter’s insurance will it cover the cost of replacing locks and keys to your exterior doors? The answer is maybe.


For example, suppose your front door was broken into, and items were stolen from your apartment. In that case, your insurance likely will cover it. And if your renter’s insurance doesn’t cover it, your landlord’s home insurance should.


Most renters insurance policies have a personal property protection provision but double-check that yours does before you pick up the phone.


Insurance coverage of lock and key replacement also requires you to pay the deductible on your insurance, which could be more than your out-of-pocket expenses.


If you want to avoid filing a claim and paying a deductible, it’s best to pay out of pocket for lock and key replacement services from a locksmith in Colorado Springs.


The cost to have a locksmith service replace your locks and keys is typically between $150 and $300.


Do Locksmiths Install Doorknobs?


Most locksmiths install doorknobs and brand-new locks. Don’t stress about replacing your locks, a professional can do it for you, and do it quickly, if you pick up the phone and schedule an appointment.


Can A Locksmith Make A Key without The Original?


Knowledgeable and professional locksmiths can handle key duplications even if you don’t have the original key. You are required to share basic information with your locksmith before you replace the keys to your car or home. However, replacing your keys shouldn’t be much of an issue if you lack the original copy.


Can A Locksmith Unlock My Business Doors?


Commercial locksmiths are the right professionals to call if you’re locked out of your business or office.


Anyone can lose a set of keys, so locksmiths have perfected the art of picking locks without damaging doors or doorframes.


If you’re locked out of your business or office, you can confidently call a locksmith expert to remedy your situation.



Do Locksmiths Open Mailboxes?


If you lose your mailbox key, chances are a locksmith will have to drill out the lock and replace it with a new one. Most mailboxes aren’t rekeyable. Expensive mailboxes, too, may require a whole new lock if you can’t find your original key.It’s a good idea to make duplicate mailbox keys.


Are 24-Hour Locksmith Services Trustworthy?


Absolutely, if you know what to look for. To hire a trustworthy locksmith service, consider the following tips:


• Look for full-service locksmiths—Fulltime locksmiths are more reliable than ones that only offer 24/7 service.


• Check out recommendations on Google. Look for locksmiths in your city and ask friends and family members for their advice before you hire a pro.


• Compare price points. Don’t just hire the first locksmith you find. Do some comparison shopping to make your choice.


• Research local Colorado Springs locksmiths before picking up the phone. Research pays off and keeps you safe from would-be scammers.


How to Choose The Best Locksmith Services


The trick to hiring a reliable, efficient, professional locksmith is speaking directly to them. Ask loads of questions about their experience, what they’ll do for you, and what type of budget is appropriate for their services.


Locksmiths are not required to be certified in Colorado, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and request customer reviews before making a decision.


What Should You Keep In Mind Before Calling A Locksmith?


Before you pick up the phone to call a locksmith, and gather information about your locks. For example, look up what type of lock you have, how many locks you need help with, what kind of door handle you have, and what state they’re in.


The more information you can provide to your mobile locksmith service, the more accurate their quote will be.


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