What to Expect When You Get Your Locks Changed


Did you lock yourself out of your house…again? Did you just move and now you’re thinking about how many people possibly have keys to your apartment? Did you inherit a rusted lock and now want to make sure you’re as safe as possible?


All these signs point you toward key locksmiths. But if you’ve never been through the process before, you may be a bit nervous. The guide below will let you know exactly when you should call a Colorado Springs locksmith and what you should expect.


When to Get Your Locks Changed


If you’re changing your locks, chances are you have one of the following reasons:


  • You’re moving to a new house


When you relocate, you never know how many keys the previous owner may have given out. For your safety, it’s always a good idea to call a key locksmith.


  • You’re concerned about your safety


Working with a Colorado Springs Locksmith can enhance the security of your home or apartment. You gain access to options like deadbolts or smart door locks that offer you additional protection.


  • You’re replacing a worn or broken lock


Locks don’t last forever. If you live in an area that gets harsh weather conditions, then you may notice that your lock is old, worn out, or rusted. Additionally, if you’ve had a break-in (or attempted break-in), then you’ll need to replace your broken lock.


  • You’ve misplaced your keys


As if misplacing your keys wasn’t inconvenient enough, best practice says you should also replace your locks. Otherwise, someone can gain access to your home without your home if they find your keys.


  • Your insurance covers lock replacement


This is a lesser-known reason for replacing your locks in the case of theft of keys or break-ins. Many home insurance policies will cover replacing locks and keys, so make sure you check to see what your policy says!


For more information on when to contact Magic Key Locksmiths, read 4 Signs That You Need to Change Your Locks.

Understand the Difference Between Replacing vs. Rekeying Locks


Before you call a mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs, get the jargon down. Your mobile locksmith in Colorado Springs can either replace your locks or rekey them. Both methods guarantee that old keys will no longer open the lock, and thus, they work well if you’ve lost your keys. However, they’re not the same process.


Replacing door locks is the most secure route. If your locksmith does this, they remove the existing lock from the door, including the handle if it’s a handle-lock combo. They then install a brand-new lock in its place.


Rekeying door locks is often done in apartment complexes. This process consists of realigning the pins and springs in the inner workings of the lock to match the lock to a new key. Most of the time, rekeying is less expensive than replacing, which is why people go this route. However, if you’ve lost your original key or you’re moving into a new location, then it’s safer to replace your lock altogether for security reasons.


What to Expect When Replacing Your Locks


  1. Locksmiths replace your locks and provide new keys


If you’ve lost your keys to your house or you need new locks for safety purposes, key locksmiths can help you from start to finish. They’ll replace or rekey your lock depending on your preference. They’ll also provide new keys (and sometimes duplicates!).


How do locksmiths make keys? They make them by hand using a blank key, a file, and the skills they’ve obtained over the years.


  1. Pricing depends on the type of lock used


When you have your Colorado Springs Locksmith swap out your lock, you’ll need to choose the lock that replaces it. Here are some of the factors that influence lock price.


  • Type of lock (ex: traditional lock vs smart locks)
  • Door lock grade (i.e., quality and security of the lock)
  • Lock installation process (how long it takes and how difficult it is to install)
  • Door lock brands


  1. Installation takes 30 to 60 minutes


The good news is that this process won’t take all day. Plan on the one lock taking around 30 minutes, which means a house with a front and back door would take around an hour to have your locks changed. This time estimate can vary depending on factors like the type of door, the make of the lock, the condition of your door, and other variables.


Depending on the type of lock you’ve selected, you can also ask your locksmith about the possibility of a single key. Having a single key fit all the locks on your house is a convenience people don’t realize how much they love until they have it. This is possible if all your locks are from a single manufacturer. It saves you the trouble of having to add a bunch of different keys to your key ring.


How Often Should You Change Your Locks?


Some people don’t ever think about changing locks until something happens; they move, a break-in occurs, a key gets lost, or the lock gets damaged. Yet, as noted above, locks do experience general wear and tear over time. Even if nothing happens to your lock in a break-in, it won’t remain perfect forever. It will experience normal weathering, and this can impact its performance when safeguarding your home.


As a result, you should keep an eye on your lock. In a perfect scenario (no relocation, no damage, etc.), you should still plan to change your locks around every 7 years. This ensures no wear or tear will affect its functioning, and you will be able to upgrade in an appropriate time frame when new lock technology is released.


Final Thoughts


You’re now armed and ready with all the knowledge you need to call up Magic Key Locksmiths and get your locks changed! We’re both home and automotive locksmiths in Colorado Springs here to help with your house or car whenever needed.